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Handmade & unique

Every piece is its own individual being. Even when I make sets, every cup and bowl feels just a little bit different in your hands. The one thing they all have in common is my care and attention to detail. I use my lifetime of experience working with my hands to translate soft earth into something as comfortable in your hands as it is beautiful. I am always expanding my collection and finding new forms that feel good so keep checking back to see what I'm up to next. I may even be at a fair or store near you!

Wood Fire


My favorite process is wood firing. I don’t get to do it often, but when I do it’s a real treat. I love the way the clay remembers the crashing waves of fire and how there’s just no controlling what the glazes will do.


The Kiln

This is a two-chambered wood and salt kiln, also called a noborigama kiln. After it’s loaded, the door is hand-stacked out of bricks and the fire starts as a small campfire.


The Fire

Later on in the night, the small campfire grows much larger and we feed it strategically to continue its growth in both size and temperature. Eventually, it’s a swirling inferno and those of us who tend it are exhausted, but exhilarated by the pure energy of it all.

Considering the body

The main thing on my mind when I make my pottery is nourishment. It is a prayer that I make for myself and the world that the time we spend eating is a soulful and healing experience. With that in mind, I design the curves of my pieces to fit into your hands in a way that is so radically comfortable, it invites you to savor the experience and the food you eat. 


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Meet the Artist


Philadelphia native Caitlin Davis has been making things with her hands for over 20 years. She has studied numerous crafts at many different institutions including, but not limited to, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Moore College of Art & Design, and she earned a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in painting and ceramics. Beyond studying art, she has also studied and explored music, herbalism, and yoga which she uses to tie into her making practice to create a well rounded experience and product.